How to get there from here

Special Report—Coverage of the 2007 Alternative Investment Conference

Getting There From Here
Taking stock of the changing landscape and its opportunities.

New alternative strategies are all about uncharted avenues, but that doesn’t mean that they lack a sense of direction. The recent Alternative Investment Conference (AIC) offered both: showcasing emerging alternatives for attendees and providing the proper orientation. There are gains to be made, but only if you closely survey the landscape, and take the proper steps, speakers advised delegates at the gathering in Scottsdale, AZ in December. Those who stepped up to the podium outlined a guide to current—and future—alternative investment landscapes, eschewing shortcuts for the most efficient ways to investment opportunity and performance.


Private Debt: Higher Returns Without Higher Risk
By Don Bangay

The Next Wave of Hedge Fund Investing
By Adam Berger

Innovation in Equity-Linked Structured Products
By Elisabeth Bourqui

Short-Extension Strategies: Risks & Opportunities
By Tony Elavia and Steve Landau

Global Real Estate
By David Gilbert

Global Infrastructure – A “New” Alternative Asset Class
By Edward Keating

Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want
By Tristam Lett

The Evolution of 130/30
By Margot Naudie and Jean Masson

Risk and Responsibility
By José Santamaria



To view all the presentations from the conference, click here.


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