Beyond Limits

Special Report—Coverage of the 2007 Risk Management Conference

Beyond Limits
Risk management in a new era

Risk management is no longer just about setting limits—it encompasses an entire portfolio approach. That’s how many of the speakers at this year’s Risk Management Conference describe the way plan sponsors are approaching risk management today as they seek to meet their liabilities and explore new sources of alpha generation to help them get there. Delegates at the conference came together at Chateau Montebello, meeting from August 22–24, 2007, for two days of rigorous discussion and debate. While the event started the day after the hotly protested Summit of the Americas ended, the atmosphere was decidedly calmer by the time our delegates got started.

This year’s conference agenda was very much focused on the practical side of risk, with a major focus on new tools and strategies available to plan sponsors as well as policy decisions that need to be made. From emerging markets to derivatives to short extension strategies, the limits of risk management are being tested and expanded across pension portfolios. At the same time, risk management is breaking new ground at the pension policy level, with pension committees and governments across Canada beginning to understand the importance of integrated risk management for pension funds.


Emerging Market Primer
By Akbar Ali

In Transition
By John Egar

The Right Stuff
By Jeff Brown

Here to Stay?
By Tristram S. Lett

Balancing Act
By Zainul Ali

Good Governance
By Gilles Bernier

Mean Time
By Sébastien Page



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