Risk Conference 2000

Risk Conference 2000 Overview
by Barb Clapham

From currency risk to hedge funds, leading investment experts discuss proactive risk strategies for pension portfolios. The fundamental issues facing a risk manager are first, the identification of the party ultimately exposed to the risk; second, the identification and quantification, where possible, of the risks facing the risk bearers; and third, the calculation of the cost and benefits of alternative solutions. Without facing these issues squarely, incorrect decisions can be made.

These issues were addressed at the second annual risk management conference, held recently at the Manoir Richelieu in Charlevoix, Quebec. A few of the presentations and much lively discussion from the floor focused on the first issue. Speakers dealt with the second and third issues in some depth, in many instances with new and intriguing approaches. Overall, the knowledge shared by all those who attended the conference was most informative and insightful.

The following pages encapsulate the innovative research and ideas presented at the conference:

Currency Risk: the Verdict on Currency Overlay
by Eric Innes
Mirror Risk in Benchmarks
by John A. Prestbo
Canadian Fixed Income: Adapting to Change
by Frank Ashe
New Credit Risk Tools
by Craig Shepherd and Alain Belanger
Country Versus Industry Effects
by Mike Brooks
Pension Expense Policy
by Steve Bonnar
Hedge Funds
by Eric Kirzner and Alex MacKay
The Impact of Technology
by J-F Courville and Jeremy Armitage
Integration of Risk and Return
by Chris Cockburn and Shawn Menard
The Use of Derivatives
by Alan White
Minimizing Regret: an Alternative Approach to Controlling Risk
by Harindra de Silva
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