Global Fixed Income Primer

Global fixed income primer

Plan sponsors are getting much more sophisticated when it comes to their fixed income choices—some might say they are coming of age. The elimination of the foreign property rule has also meant that Canadian plan sponsors are facing a much larger, global universe of choices. As they seek out the best new opportunities, many will need a clear understanding in order to assess the plethora of fixed income options out there.

To help them out, Canadian Investment Review asked three top experts to put their heads together and come up with a primer to help plan sponsors navigate an increasingly complex fixed income landscape. The result—our Fixed Income Primer—aims to bring their ideas and thoughts together. From basic terms to the challenges of globalizing to the sophisticated world of CDOs, this primer provides a step-by-step look at what investors need to know about the fixed income universe.

Step 1 – Back to Basics
By Marlene Puffer

Step 2 – Globalizing for the Duration
By Marlene Puffer and Maureen Stapleton

Step 3 – Risk Swapping
By Alan White

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