Pension Leadership Awards 2020


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Judging Criteria


Winners and finalists


Canadian Investment Review’s Pension Leadership Awards

The Canadian Investment Review has selected a panel of independent judges who will review and grade the submissions. This year’s judges include:

  • Chris Brown, president and chief executive officer, LAPP Corporation
  • Guy Burry, chair of pension investment committee, York University
  • James Davis, chief investment officer, OPTrust
  • Michael Dodd, director, pensions treasury and shareholder services, The Co-operators Group Limited
  • Theva Naidoo, director, pension fund,Hydro One Pension Plan
  • Pamela Steer, chief financial and corporate strategy officer, Payments Canada


Judging criteria

Three judges will be assigned to each submission. For each question on the nomination form, judges will provide a grade of one (lowest) to five (highest) based on the following three criteria:

  • Content (/5)
  • Tangible examples and data (/5)
  • Presentation (/5)


These will be consolidated to produce an overall score for each submission. (/15)

Three judges will review each submission and at the end their scores will be consolidated. The highest-ranking score will receive the award. (/45)

In the event of a tie, Yaelle Gang, editor of Canadian Investment Review, will rate the two nominations that have tied.

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