The Dow at 20,000?

Bernstein's Seth Masters on why stocks are still the way to go.

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30846_bull_marketPost-2008, plan sponsors are focused on mitigating volatility. For many that means shedding stocks and shifting to low volatility strategies or illiquid assets. But according to a new paper by Seth Masters, Chief investment officer with Bernstein Global Wealth Management, investors are going to regret the shift away from stocks. Indeed, Masters is projecting that the media annual return for global and U.S. stocks will be a healthy 8% over the next 10 years and that the Dow could hit 20,000 in the next five to ten years. While stock markets are subject to volatility, Masters points out, the potential for loss is nothing compared to the looming threat of shortfall risk when investors fail to generate enough investment income to meet their long-term goals.

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