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Teachers’ Joins Global Sustainability Board

Written by Staff on Thursday, October 20th, 2016 at 6:41 am

windmill powerA number of North American asset managers and pension funds, including the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, have come together to introduce an investor advisory group as part of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

The group will aim to improve the quality and comparability of sustainability-related disclosure to investors, thereby enabling investors to develop a more comprehensive view of company performance.

“It is critical for investors to have standardized, comparable information on material [environmental, social and governance] factors so we can make better decisions about our investments into the future,” said Christopher Ailman, chief investment officer of the California State Teachers’ Retirement System and chair of advisory group, in a release.

“[The group] is encouraging companies to disclose material ESG information and to participate in SASB’s standards-setting process.”

The founding members of the advisory group are:

“Investors can play an important role in enhancing disclosure effectiveness, by expecting companies to disclose performance on material ESG factors and by participating in development of disclosure standards,” said Janine Guillot, SASB’s director of capital markets policy and outreach.

“[The group]’s members believe that SASB’s approach — which is industry-specific and materiality-focused — will help provide investors with relevant and decision-useful information.”

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