Inflation Risk Online Debate Update

Inflation online debate well under way.

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story_images_online debates_Chess-PieceWe are well into the Inflation Risk online debate! Here is a quick update for those of you just joining.

To date, debate participants and membership are quite close in their thinking about the threat of severe inflation. The votes are 56% in favour of Terence Yuen’s view that inflation will stay benign and interest rates will remain less than 2% in the near future. 46% remain onside with Andrew Spence’s view that inflation could very well reach above the 3% mark.

The first guest analysis from Patricia Croft, Vice-president and Chief Economist with Phillips, Hagar & North Investment Management has just been posted. Croft says that inflation is a non-issue, for now. That the next 3-5 years could bring about a sea of change in inflation expectations as developed economies struggle to rein in massive sovereign debt levels.

To view the discussion, join the debate.

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