Chart of the Week: In 2019, the Internet Will Overtake TV

How we’re spending more time than ever online.

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abandoned-antique-close-up-333984This chart from Zenith Media shows that in 2019, for the first time, people will spend more time on the internet than they will watching traditional television.

Breaking that down, it means we’ll be spending an average of 170.6 minutes a day online streaming music and video, shopping, checking social media, and chatting with friends. That’s compared to the 170.3 minutes they spend watching TV.

The report also notes the rising use of mobile internet, which is projected to account for 26% of all global media consumption in 2019 – that’s up from just 19% in 2016. That adds up to 122 minutes a day accessing the mobile internet using browsers. Compare that to 2010 when we were spending just 10 minutes a day online through our mobile devices.


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