Pillow Talk

Why the iPad is keeping me up all night.

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483304_open_24_hoursIt is late at night and I am snuggled up in bed with my new iPad.

“Are you playing that stupid game, again!” says the voice from the other side of the pillow. I patiently explain to my wife that Flight Control is not a stupid game. And that it teaches users the many challenges faced by our brave and wonderful flight controllers. Besides I was not playing a game, I was reading a research study.

In another ground-breaking report from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), researchers are saying use of the iPad in bed will keep you awake.

I went on to tell my wife that light emitted from the iPad inhibits the secretion of melatonin, a relaxing chemical that helps you sleep. According to the researchers at the UCLA Sleep Disorder Center, we are programmed to go to sleep when it is dark and wake up when it is lights out.

“Now that happens to be the stupidest thing I’ve heard,” she said “If that is true explain why do you fall asleep on a beach in the sun! Go to Sleep!”

How could one sleep when there was work to be done? There was a new report, “The World Collapse explained in Three Minutes, a riveting report on the Euro crisis.  Also, I was in the midst of reading the Mintz Report, the carefully crafted missive on why the Canadian pension system isn’t broke.

“You started reading that last Fall,” she said. “Any every time you started it you dozed off after half a page.”

And that was actually my point. I am putting to test the claim that iPads keep you up at night. Downloaded on my slick new toy is the collected works of The Ambachtsheer Letter PLUS the Mintz report PLUS a stack of stuff on financial regulatory reform, and …….

“Dear would you like me to turnout the light?”

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