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ESG tongue-twisters to become everyday language in 2020


Have you ever noticed that the language of sustainable investment is rife with acronyms? In my opinion, 2020 will see some of the worst tongue-twisters ...

The WeWork Saga: What can institutional investors learn?


The WeWork saga has been ever-present in financial headlines in recent months. The brief version of the story can be summarized in a few steps: WeWork, ...

Is value investing dead? And what does this have to do with low or negative interest rates?


Two questions seem to occupy pundits and popular media these days. One is why interest rates are negative and what this means. The other is ...

A Primer on OCIO in the DC world


The term outsourced chief investment officer, or OCIO, describes a service offering or model, where an institutional investor delegates certain decision-making responsibilities to a third-party ...

Navigating a slow growth market environment


Navigating a world of low government bond yields and long-term expected returns on other asset classes is a major challenge for investors. The yield on ...

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