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Taking the North American economy’s temperature


For those worried the cycle is about the turn, it’s important to consider that there is no established length for a market cycle, said Avery ...

The ESG of technology


With technology disrupting various industries, the opportunities are clear. But how can companies ensure they’re adopting new technology responsibly, while minimizing risks? A  paper published by ...

Equity market turmoil and the active investment debate


It should come as no surprise that asset owner sentiment is currently dominated by late-cycle tensions. Among pension plans and other institutional investors, this has ...

Artificial Intelligence: Science Fiction or Reality?


Seventeen years after Steven Spielberg’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence, the concept of AI has evolved from a figment of our imagination to a topic that is ...

Navigating the complicated relationship between interest rates, real estate


The complicated relationship between real estate and interest rates makes it important to know the role different types of properties play in a portfolio and ...

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