Expert Opinion

Now is the time to fix capital accumulation plans   


The collapse in the equity markets has damaged capital accumulation plan retirement accounts. Governments need to level the playing field between defined benefit plans and ...

Coronavirus: a true test of partnership for private equity firms


As the novel coronavirus pandemic upended the way businesses operate, investors around the world have been able follow daily market gyrations in real time to ...

The slow burn of climate change in heat of pandemic


Meeting a deadline in the midst of a pandemic seems like a good test of corporate resiliency and, according to a recent survey of Canadian ...

A primer on commercial mortgage funds


The last decade of persistently low interest rates, exacerbated by the coronavirus crisis, has created challenges for institutional investors looking to generate income on their ...

Is it time to revisit insurance-linked securities?


The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has triggered major corrections in the equity, commodity and debt markets as participants try to gauge the full extent ...

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