Expert Opinion

Is inflation coming back?


While no one can know for certain if inflation is coming bank, David Zanutto, senior investment consultant at Mercer, says that the risks of inflation ...

Four considerations when going global on real estate


Real estate is a good option because it can deliver an attractive stream of income that typically grows with inflation, says Michael Peck, senior vice ...

Translating climate risk into the language of investors


A few decades ago, people were concerned about the depleting ozone layer. Then, in the late 1980s, the Montreal Protocol was ratified to phase out ...

Increasing demand for ESG in Fixed Income


Considering environmental, social and governance factors has traditionally been associated with equities, but demand for ESG in fixed income is starting to outstrip the supply ...

Fixed income opportunities in the current interest rate environment


Will the environment of rising rates continue? And if so, over what period? And where can long-term investors find opportunities? Canadian Investment Review asked Robert Spector, ...

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