Expert Opinion

Commercial litigation finance demand fuelled by coronavirus


In legal circles, it has always been thought that crises breed litigation. And while that appears to be the case in the current crisis, it ...

Pension de-risking and the coronavirus – what now?


It’s hard to believe that just recently, people weren’t cutting their own hair or binge-watching Tiger King. At the beginning of the year, defined benefit funding ...

Troubled U.S. small business relief program a stopgap measure


Among the myriad fiscal responses to the coronavirus pandemic, perhaps none has received more attention in the U.S. than the federal programs for small businesses. ...

Extreme uncertainty produces extreme opportunities


The novel coronavirus pandemic has been an enormous human tragedy and its ultimate impact on the global economy remains impossible to predict. For many companies, ...

Value investing’s crisis of confidence


A value approach to investing has yielded great benefits in the past. Though there are often semantics around what constitutes value investing, it can be ...

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