Expert Opinion

China is on the road to recovery


China’s economy was the first to suffer the consequences of fighting the novel coronavirus and is the first on the road to recovery. If it ...

Managing fixed income liquidity issues caused by the coronavirus crash


When the coronavirus prompted a collapse in both economic activity and equity markets in March, it put an end to the longest bull market in ...

Exploring the impact of coronavirus on commercial litigation finance investments


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” The above quote from Charles Dickens aptly describes the current environment for the legal ...

The policy response to coronavirus: printing our way to salvation or inflation?


The novel coronavirus has brought with it an unprecedented shuttering of the global economy and an equally unprecedented policy response. The speed and scale at ...

A coronavirus game plan for defined benefit pension plans


The novel coronavirus has introduced unprecedented volatility to financial markets and is taking its toll on pension plans. We’ve seen sharp corrections in most equity markets. ...

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