Expert Opinion

How to evaluate a defined benefit OCIO provider


Outsourced chief investment officers, or OCIOs, are a service model where a pension plan sponsor or other institutional investor delegates certain decision-making responsibilities to ...

Looking under the hood at core-plus fixed income


A key theme in Canadian institutional investing has been a prolonged period of low and declining interest rates. As many institutions maintain a substantial domestic fixed ...

Head to head: Do hedge funds make sense for Canadian pension plans?


While some pension fund managers swear by hedge funds, others would never sink in a single cent. After the 2008 financial crisis turned some investors ...

Know what you own: managing the pitfalls of cyclicality


The current U.S. economic expansion has just become the longest on record. This period of uninterrupted growth has driven strong market performance over the past decade ...

What is the biggest risk when it comes to investing in China?  


I am optimistic about China’s medium-term economic prospects, within the context of gradually slower year-over-year growth rates. This optimism is based largely on the continuing ...

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