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The role of data in equities management


While the role of data in equities management is important, human expertise is still key, according to speakers at the CFA Society Toronto’s 2019 equities ...

Plan sponsors urged to take advantage of innovative pension plan design to mitigate risks


In the fourth industrial revolution, technology is changing at a fast pace with a rolling effect on various industries. It’s also changing how people work, spend their money ...

A ‘hard landing’ for China still not on horizon


Economic deceleration in China in the fourth quarter of 2018 wasn’t significantly sharper than expected and a hard landing for China still isn’t on the horizon, said Andy ...

With uncertainty surrounding Brexit, is a second referendum the “least bad” solution?


Brexit is “what seems to be the most chaotic set of political developments in any western country for quite some time,” said Iain Begg, professor ...

Populism here to stay, economy already feeling the consequences


Rewind to 2017. It was a very unusual year, with global growth receiving a boost from a combination of ultra-supportive financial conditions, a temporary boom ...

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