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Four trends to watch in China through the recovery


In China, keeping the novel coronavirus under control is key to maintaining the economic recovery, and there are reasons to be optimistic, despite a breakdown ...

In perfect balance: Different approaches to rebalancing pension portfolios


The recent market turmoil caused by the coronavirus crisis has increased the focus on rebalancing decisions for many Canadian pension plans. As certain asset classes outperform ...

What does a rise in Robinhood traders mean for institutional investors?


During and after the market crash of this year’s first quarter, retail traders flocked to the various commission-free online brokerages in droves. These traders began to ...

Is it time for an asset-strategy check-up?


At the time of my last column in May, many pension plan sponsors were catching their breath after watching funding levels take a roller coaster ...

The green shoots of Canada’s green bond market


Canada’s green bond market has been growing, but investors would benefit from digging a little deeper to ensure what they’re buying is in fact green ...

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