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What’s dominating CIO conversations with asset owners?


With a challenging backdrop to the current investment landscape, certain topics are continually resurfacing when chief investment officers speak with asset owners. The conversation is dominated by ...

Does your active manager have an edge?


Asset managers often use complex approaches when stewarding the capital of their clients. Consider a discretionary active manager seeking to gain an edge: The ...

Craning to see the horizon: Is the bull run in U.S. real estate over


Real estate remains a popular asset class for institutional investors seeking to diversify their sources of real returns. As the economic cycle reaches its late ...

Investment strategies for frozen DB plans


Over the course of the last 15 years we have seen an increase in the number of frozen corporate defined benefit plans in Canada. Frozen plans ...

Understanding the end-game: Putting hedge funds in context


One of the difficult parts of operating as an institutional investor is choosing a roster of external managers. It’s particularly hard if your institution hasn’t ...

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