Expert Opinion

It’s time to revolutionize how investment firms are paid


Investment management is an unusual business in that it doesn’t typically offer customers their money back if they’re unsatisfied with the product or service. This seems ...

Institutional investing in 2021: looking towards the future


Last year offered up one of most tempestuous investment environments in recent memory, and this year looks to be equally dynamic. It will be increasingly important ...

Biden and China: Building back better?


Putting U.S.–China relations back on a constructive path will be one of the top foreign policy challenges facing the Biden administration in 2021. I expect ...

Coronavirus to reshape mid-market private equity dynamics in year ahead


The year 2020 tested the mettle of entrepreneurs and small business owners like none other in recent history. And private equity firms operating in the ...

Why capital deployment is key in commercial litigation finance investing


In many private equity asset classes, managers typically deploy most of their capital in a particular investment on day one. While they may increase or ...

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