Women in the Financial Industry - Vancouver

Women in the Financial Industry - Vancouver

Up close and interpersonal: Connecting with others and leading with authenticity
Every day is defined by relationships – whether it’s with co-workers, clients, stakeholders, friends or family. Authenticity benefits not only individuals, but organizations as well. How can women in the financial industry meet the expectations of others while staying true to themselves? How can they navigate conflicting feedback, disagreements and being pulled in many directions? And how does gender, combined with other dimensions like race or age, come into the equation? At the third annual women in the financial industry conference, expert speakers and women from the industry will speak to how they’ve found success in their career without compromising their values or authenticity.

Women in the Financial Industry will cost $249 plus tax to attend.

Registration will open on March 2nd, 2020.

FOR AGENDA INFORMATION: genevieve@newcom.ca

FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATION: katerina.galkina@tc.tc

FOR SALES INFORMATION: julias@newcom.ca

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