Risk Management Conference 2017

Managing Risk in Uncertain Times

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“Japan Disease” Spreading: Economist Xie


Global economies vulnerable to the same problems that plague Japan.

Economic Turmoil, Capital Scarcity Leads to Outsized Private Equity Returns


Stuart Waugh discusses private equity at Alternative Investment Conference

Merging Gives Mutual Funds Clean Slate


Reconstructing the historical Performance of merged e-commerce mutual funds.

The Pension that Swallowed the Economy


EU countries face monster task when it comes to pension obligations.

Global Featured Speaker, Robert L. Goldstein


What didn't work in terms of risk management?

How Biased are Hedge Fund Indexes?


Biases make it troublesome to compare hedge fund results with an index of investable stocks.

Inflation To Hit 3%: Spence Argues


Severe inflation is on the horizon and plan sponsors should be prepared.

The Story of Currency


2010 Toronto Currency Management Forum hosted by Global Pensions.

Blame FASB, Not Derivatives for Lehman


It's time to put an end to the FASB

New Market for Longevity Risk


Coming soon: price discovery for pension plan liabilities

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