Investment Innovation Conference 2017

The Case for Optimism

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Greek Revival in the U.S. (Beware Municipals)


Given all the finger-pointing going on in the Eurozone, pundits provide a sober reminder that there will be few winners as this financial crisis unfolds.

Thriving Without an RPP


The pension debate is front and centre in Ottawa

What the Indexes Don’t See


Passive investing, in the form of investable indexes, is gaining more and more converts. Last month, it was reported that Norway’s Government Pension Fund was ...

Artio CIO: U.S. Consumers Have a Long Way to Fall


So huge is the debt load that they’ll need to save 8% of their income for six years just to get down to the 1999 level of 65% (still a record high).

Bedlam: Commodities Headed for Steep Dive


“Commodities most vulnerable will be the ones that are most widely held: copper and oil..."

Denmark > U.S. in Household Debt


Since the US has been the poster child for consumer debt, their showing versus other industrialized nations is surprising – in fact, it’s Denmark who’s actually in the lead.

Need a Real Estate Debate Update?


Real Estate investment: is it only for big plans?

Hedge Fund Managers High Five Obama


Obama recently announced that among other things, the US government was planning to prevent banks from engaging in any non-banking activities such as proprietary trading.

New Access to Emerging Infrastructure


Cordiant inks deal to manage emerging market infrastructure fund.

Too Big To Fail


Simon Johnson talks about the biggest problem in US today.

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