Investment Innovation Conference 2017

The Case for Optimism

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Managed Accounts: Transparency at High Price


Results of Prequin's survey show managed accounts are being snapped up by institutions concerned about transparency.

Public Sector Pension Plans Escape Budget


Budget coverage at Benefits Canada

Dynamic De-Risking


Sponsors must reduce the mismatch risk in their plans as much as their financial position allows.

India on the Horizon


Industry thought-leaders reflect on economic achievements and prospects of India.

Deflation, Then and Now


I thought this piece might just be filed under “what is old is new again”. Except that things are a lot different now – and much more serious.

Canadian Hedge Funds Outperform: AIMA Canada Winner


Canadian hedge funds outperformed their global peers and were able to distinguish themselves based on their smaller asset size, which mirrors Canadian equity markets.

Traditional LDI Based on Snapshots of the Past: El-Erian


Plan sponsors want smart passive instead.

16 Tons


Canadian consumers, like many plan sponsors, are now having to reckon with the fact that asset growth does not necessarily fund liabilities.

Hedge Fund Managers Join the Gold Rush


Metal factors in deflation-inflation debate.

Don’t Worry About Inflation: Bill Gross


Excess capacity in employment and industrial production means lower rates of inflation going forward.

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