Scot Blythe

Scot Blythe

Tracking Errors

Editor/Writer, Financial Services and Public Policy I've been covering the investment industry for more than a decade, first as associate editor at Global Stratagems then as investments editor at, editor of CanHedge and finally editor of Advisor's Edge Report. I have also contributed articles on alternative investments to Benefits Canada, Canadian Investment Review, and Report on Business magazine.

Why Private Equity Will Disappoint

Investors chasing performance to drag down returns.

The Rise of the Reference Portfolio

Building benchmarks to reflect changing pension assets.

UK Betting Company Allows Gambling on Stocks

Ladbrokes' move raises interesting questions.

Smaller Plans Can’t Compete: Ambachtsheer

Internalized pension investment management is key.

More Corporate Tax Won’t Help

Corporations can't possibly foot the bill for sovereign debt.

Why Taxing the Rich Won’t Help

Even if the 1% do pay more, it won't kill deficits. Here's why...

Canadian Banks Got Bailed Out in 2008: Critics

Banks argue it was just a liquidity injection.

U.S. Real Estate: Priced for Perfection?

Deciding whether to buy, hold or fold.

Occupy Wall St. Meets Macroeconomics

How we ignore the wisdom of crowds.

Death of Equities II

Why it's 1979 all over again (hint: it's about volatility, not disco).

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