Scot Blythe

Scot Blythe

Tracking Errors

Editor/Writer, Financial Services and Public Policy I've been covering the investment industry for more than a decade, first as associate editor at Global Stratagems then as investments editor at, editor of CanHedge and finally editor of Advisor's Edge Report. I have also contributed articles on alternative investments to Benefits Canada, Canadian Investment Review, and Report on Business magazine.

The Hedge Fund Mirage?

The jury is still out on whether they perform.

Anatomy of a Depression

More experts now seeing parallels between 2011 and 1931.

The Real Risks of Money Market Funds

Investors should know many a fund has broken the buck in the past.

Do Hedge Funds Really Work?

New study dismantles a few urban legends about hedge funds.

Canada: No London Whale Here

New AIMA Handbook touts virtues of Canada's hedge funds.

Synthetic ETFs Under the Microscope…Again

Morningstar's guide to assessing the real risks of an ETF.

Rubin’s No Growth World

The end of growth and why we should be more like the Honeymooners and the Danish.

The Trouble With Pensions

Malcolm Hamilton's history of DB mistakes and why targeted benefit plans are a solution.

Has Austerity Gone Too Far?

The worst is the expectation that meeting budget targets in the short-term has any impact on long-term growth.

What’s Your Deflation Hedge?

History shows inflation isn't the only risk out there.

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