Scot Blythe

Scot Blythe

Tracking Errors

Editor/Writer, Financial Services and Public Policy I've been covering the investment industry for more than a decade, first as associate editor at Global Stratagems then as investments editor at, editor of CanHedge and finally editor of Advisor's Edge Report. I have also contributed articles on alternative investments to Benefits Canada, Canadian Investment Review, and Report on Business magazine.

Long-Term Returns, Short Future: Arnott

What happens after "the lost decade"?

Private Equity – Bullish, if You Have the Patience

Canadians have been too polite about how disastrous the past two years have been in private equity, says AIMCo's Rieckelman.

Infrastructure Performance Still Tough to Measure

Assessing merits of asset class a challenge: panel.

The Pension that Swallowed the Economy

EU countries face monster task when it comes to pension obligations.

How Biased are Hedge Fund Indexes?

Biases make it troublesome to compare hedge fund results with an index of investable stocks.

New Market for Longevity Risk

Coming soon: price discovery for pension plan liabilities

Poor Results for Captive Private Equity

Evergreen results aren't pretty.

Stock Data Bunk: Zweig vs. Siegel

Going back to 1802 for stock data is useless.

16 Tons

Canadian consumers, like many plan sponsors, are now having to reckon with the fact that asset growth does not necessarily fund liabilities.

Thriving Without an RPP

The pension debate is front and centre in Ottawa

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