Scot Blythe

Scot Blythe

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Editor/Writer, Financial Services and Public Policy I've been covering the investment industry for more than a decade, first as associate editor at Global Stratagems then as investments editor at, editor of CanHedge and finally editor of Advisor's Edge Report. I have also contributed articles on alternative investments to Benefits Canada, Canadian Investment Review, and Report on Business magazine.

Europe Sends Conflicting Signals on Hedge Funds

Regulatory ashes threaten to cut off Europe.

Triumph of the Backtesters

More indexes launched on reconstructed historical results.

Risk/Reward Tradeoff Skewed to the Greenback

Is the U.S. dollar worth it?

Will Higher Interest Rates Push or Punish Stocks?

The answer depends on who you ask.

Mixed Reviews for Canadian Banks Post-Crisis

Not everyone thinks boring is better.

Insurers Depart Asset Management

Industry turning over keys to Wall Street firms post-crisis.

Bond Spreads Point to Normalizing Economy

But no wage gains and cautious consumer confidence.

Growing Season for Investment in Agriculture

Study shows investors can reap rewards from Canadian farmland.

Why Didn’t Canada’s Housing Market Go Bust?

Paper shows "plodding" Canadians late to the bubble game.

Keynes Versus Hayek for Hipsters

Hip hop economics

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