Scot Blythe

Scot Blythe

Tracking Errors

Editor/Writer, Financial Services and Public Policy I've been covering the investment industry for more than a decade, first as associate editor at Global Stratagems then as investments editor at, editor of CanHedge and finally editor of Advisor's Edge Report. I have also contributed articles on alternative investments to Benefits Canada, Canadian Investment Review, and Report on Business magazine.

The Coming ETF Collapse

New risks, flash crashes on the horizon: report.

How to Shake Your Tail Risk

Lesson One: Never lose money.

Bond Bubble?

Depends on who you ask.

Selling U.S. Gold Reserves

Rogoff: “Yes, gold has had a great run, but so, too, did worldwide housing prices until a couple of years ago.”

Taking LDI To the Next Level

Welcome back stochastic life-cycle management.

Trading Complex Assets

Complexity affects liquidity, price volatility: reseachers.

Kick Starting QE2

Quantitative easing may take a long time to execute a turn.

Low Inflation Linked to Stock Bubbles

Monetary policy targeting inflation, interest rates can destabilize asset markets.

Is Smart Routing Really Smart?

For marketable orders, we find that there is generally little difference across smart routers.

ETFs Lean on Academic Stars

New breed of academic puts their own analysis into practice to build ETF

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