Gerry Wahl

Gerry Wahl

Governance Simplified

Gerry is the Managing Director of The Pension Advisor. He has 30 years of financial and pension experience, including pension investment manager, administrator and, as an accountant, CRA auditor, controller, assistant treasurer and treasurer. As a CMA and together with Pension Committee & Board Membership experience, Gerry brings a holistic, independent and comprehensive approach to pension governance, investing and risk management. Prior to founding The Pension Advisor, Gerry was the Investment Manager and Assistant Treasurer for a large global mining company with responsibilities for the management, oversight and governance of the firm’s numerous Canadian, US and UK Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, RRSP, 401k and RCA programs with assets of approximately $2 billion. Gerry is an active guest speaker, frequent contributor of pension governance articles, treasurer of the Fernandez Earle Scholarship Foundation and a member of the Financial Executive Institute’s Pension Committee.

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