Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread is the editor of Canadian Investment Review. As editor, she works with the investment industry and the site's board to produce thought-leading content for She also works closely with the conference and Online Debates Team to ensure that content meets the needs of Canada's top pension investors.

The trouble with bond indices

Is your bond ETF exposing you to the weakest links?

The dark side of ETFs?

Do ETFs lead to a less informed marketplace?

Why the ETF deathwatch list is a good thing

There are 315 U.S.-listed ETFs that could close soon -- this could be a good thing.

Do Director Elections Matter?

Researchers find a link between elections and CEO turnover-performance sensitivity

Bond ETFs: When liquidity isn’t an infinite resource

Greenwich Associates finds large institutional investors turning to bond ETFs in greater numbers.

Why aren’t more plan sponsors using ETFs?

Plan sponsors share top barriers to ETF use in new survey.

Betting against Treasuries? Think again….

9 of 10 biggest ETF losers in the U.S. were betting against the Fed.

ETFs and China’s back-to-the-future moment

Experts wonder whether it's 1940 or 2008.

ETFs inflows best mutual funds…in the U.S., anyway

What can we learn from ETF inflows?

New Research: Leveraged ETFs Do Make Markets Volatile

New paper shows rebalancing a problem at end of day for real estate sector stocks.

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