Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread is the former editor of Canadian Investment Review.

How Useful is Corporate Sustainability Disclosure?

Harvard researchers find that bad news is the link between disclosure and performance.

U.S. Presidents and Stock Returns

Stock markets react differently to Democrats and Republicans - the question is, why?

D Grade for Canadian Asset Owners on Climate Change

Canada ranks low on Global Climate Index - but it's getting better.

5 Questions for OPTrust CIO James Davis

OPTrust CIO talks internalization, smart beta and the risks of complacency.

How Much Are You Paying Your Asset Manager?

New study shows UK trustees lack clarity on investment fees and costs – what about Canada?

AB Sees Cyclical Renaissance for Global Economy

Economic forecast calls for 3.0% growth.

5 Questions for HOOPP’s Jim Keohane

What are the big risks in the market? And how could the Dodd-Frank rollback help pension funds?

A “Climate Aware” Default Fund for UK’s NEST

Will we see more products like this in the Canadian pension space?

Equities Lead ETFs to Record Inflows

Investors show their love for stocks in January

It’s True: A Long-term Focus Pays Off

McKinsey’s new index puts data behind the argument for long-term management.

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