Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread is the editor of Canadian Investment Review. As editor, she works with the investment industry and the site's board to produce thought-leading content for She also works closely with the conference and Online Debates Team to ensure that content meets the needs of Canada's top pension investors.

The Yale Model Post-Crisis

Despite the push for alternatives, Yale was still heavily exposed to equity risk.

Face It: U.S. Is Bankrupt

Neither spending more nor taxing less will help the country pay its bills.

10 Reasons to Consider Investing in Africa: Forum Part 3

It's time to look at hard numbers not myths.

Canada Missing in Africa; Teachers’ Talks South Africa

Africa Business and Investment Forum: Part 2

Africa Rebranded

Leaders make case that continent is open for business, not hopeless.

Why China’s in an Asset Bubble

Blogger Edward Harrison pulls off the rose-coloured glasses.

Yale Private Equity Portfolio in Trouble?

Primack argues Yale upped its exposure to private equity to manage the risk of capital calls.

Who Would Benefit Most From a Floating Yuan?

Angry Bear blogger looks at Europe versus the U.S.

Peak Commodities – and Their Valleys

Base metals set to rise or fall? Place your bets.

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