Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread is the editor of Canadian Investment Review. As editor, she works with the investment industry and the site's board to produce thought-leading content for She also works closely with the conference and Online Debates Team to ensure that content meets the needs of Canada's top pension investors.

ETF turnover surges

Exchange-traded funds are on the rise outside Americas.

Fixed Income ETFs

The active versus passive battle continues.

Average U.S. Endowment Earns 0 Alpha in 20 Years

More fodder for the active vs. passive debate.

Europe eases up on ETFs

ESMA's new rules not the clampdown many expected.

Factor-Based ETFs vs. Hedge Funds

These ETFs let investors to risk without options or futures.

Are ETFs rattling the junk market?

Plunging high yield ETFs point to problems.

ETFs get active in 2012

Big changes on the horizon in ETF space.

ETFs in the Collateral Mine

IMF paper looks at asset managers and the shadow banking system.

Impact Investment: Barriers and Opportunities

TBC Capital's Geoff Moore talks to Forbes.

Siegel: ETFs do not cause market volatility

Q&A with Jeremy Siegel says ETFs, inverse ETFs harmless.

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