Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread is the editor of Canadian Investment Review. As editor, she works with the investment industry and the site's board to produce thought-leading content for She also works closely with the conference and Online Debates Team to ensure that content meets the needs of Canada's top pension investors.

ETFs in a risk-on, risk-off world

Investors turning to ETFs over single stock bets.

ETFs: A Cheaper Way For Pensions to Go Passive?

ETFs as lower cost route than index funds?

Canada Stands Up For British Pensioners

And other pension news in brief.

ETFs: When Investor Worlds Collide

Why the institutionalization of ETFs could harm some retail investors.

ETFs take root in pension space

ETFs are claiming a bigger share of the institutional space as investors, including many pension funds, find new ways to use them strategically.

Why Pensions Need to Consider the Rainforest

Jeff Scott, pensions vs. nukes and rainforests...our top recommended reads.

ETFs and Putting a Collar on Risk

Looking for a way to manage equity market risk? Try a collar strategy.

Canada-only ETNs Target Institutions

Risk management and commodities the focus.

How are hedge fund managers using ETFs?

Fact: they're the 3rd largest institutional ETF user.

Investors don’t understand the risks of physical ETFs

New research reveals little knowledge of counterparty risk.

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