Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread

Caroline Cakebread is the editor of Canadian Investment Review. As editor, she works with the investment industry and the site's board to produce thought-leading content for She also works closely with the conference and Online Debates Team to ensure that content meets the needs of Canada's top pension investors.

Should we blame the emerging markets sell-off on ETFs?

Some argue the developing world is falling victim to short-term thinking and speculation.

Is it time to toss fossil fuel from your portfolio?

Why we can't just divest climate change away.

Fighting the Tyranny of Short-Termism

New paper shows the future of public markets depends on large asset owners.

The Great Rotation That Wasn’t

In the end, ETFs show it was all about duration.

Beyond the Broad Index

Country-based ETFs help separate winners from losers.

How are pensions using ETFs?

Perception still a barrier to growth.

The case for non-transparent ETFs

Regulators change would make ETFs better able to compete with mutual funds.

Why hedged ETPs are a tough sell for pensions

Providers might need to go beyond off-the-shelf.

ETFs and LDI

How to find the perfect match.

Five jumps ETFs must clear for growth

PwC report says ETF providers must go beyond "business as usual."

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