Ashby Monk

Ashby Monk

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Ashby H. B. Monk is a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and Co-Director of the Oxford SWF Project.

The CIC Funding Saga Continues

Mega-fund's future uncertain.

CIC Comes to Toronto

It's the first overseas office for China's mega-fund.

Investing for Infinity

The investment implications for an infinite time horizon.

Politically Motivated SWFs! Yeah, So What?

Mixing politics and returns.

Japan: An SWF Take Down

Is the JBIC being converted into a SWF, you ask? Some seem to think so.

Who Invented Sovereign Wealth Funds?

They were ultimately British and American creations; the idea and their legitimacy actually came from the West!

An Argument Against Sovereign Wealth Funds

Developing countries should have other priorities.

Beyond the Investable Frontier

Opportunities in frontier markets.

Investment Tip: Cemeteries

So long as people keep on dying, investors and operators will have steady cash flows into the distant future.

Number of New SWFs is Staggering

Mozambique, Malaysia, Egypt - all aboard the SWF train.

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