Ashby Monk

Ashby Monk

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Ashby H. B. Monk is a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and Co-Director of the Oxford SWF Project.

Internal vs. External Managers

How do pension funds and SWFs decide?

Restructuring the China Investment Corporation

What would CIC look like without external managers?

What If One Man Controlled Your Pension Fund?

That's the case for $140 billion US plan.

Rough Week for Libyan Investment Authority

Assets frozen in latest move.

Stabilization Funds in an Era of Instability

What happens to SWFs in places like Libya?

No More External Managers For China Investment Corp

Dramatic restructuring underway.

Factor Based Allocation Strategies

They're nutritious too!

Mystery Fund Amassing Japanese Equities?

Might be China, via Australia.

Norway “negatively screens” 12 US companies

WikiLeaks cables reveal the reasons why.

Managing Sovereign Wealth With Corrupt Leaders

When accountability isn't a factor.

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