Ashby Monk

Ashby Monk

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Ashby H. B. Monk is a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and Co-Director of the Oxford SWF Project.

Rating Agencies Driving Growth in Sovereign Wealth Funds

Countries looking to placate agencies by socking away cash in SWFs.

Bill Gates Loves Sovereign Wealth Funds

How SWFs can help build poor countries.

Seinfeld’s Advice for Pension Plans

Getting over short-term thinking.

CalPERS in Turbulent Times

How to steer a super tanker through a hurricane.

CPPIB Releases 2011 Annual Report

Highlights include cost of managing private market fund.

China Fund Partners with Energy Giant

China Investment Corp signs MoU with GDF Suez.

Markets in Crisis

What does it mean for sovereign wealth funds?

Can Large Pension Funds Beat the Market?

Does David or Goliath make a better investor?

Is Modern Portfolio Theory Harming Your Portfolio?

Economics versus finance.

Reserve Fund Report Cards

You won't want to hang this one on your fridge...

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