Analysis & Research

What are best practices for pensions investing in illiquid assets?


Institutional investors have been rushing into the arms of alternative, less liquid, investments over the past two decades. But there is considerable variation in how major ...

DB plans are better funded but expect returns to slump


Defined benefit pension plans are lowering their long-term return expectations, according to research from U.S. consulting firm, NEPC. According to the NEPC’s survey of corporate and healthcare ...

Building a portfolio with LEGO


While investors may remember playing with LEGO during childhood, it’s unlikely they’ve ever thought to include it in their portfolios. However, LEGO could possess some genuinely ...

Digging into alpha, beta and the endowment model


To gain alpha, institutional investors have many avenues. For large investors, the endowment model has traditionally worked well. However, it can lead to overdiversification and ...

Which DC plan default funds are better for retirement outcomes?


In a world increasingly moving to defined contribution pension plans, an effective default fund is key since many workers won’t make active decisions about the ...

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