Analysis & Research

Do hedge fund managers crowd out other investors in their funds?


It might seem like hedge fund managers having “skin in the game” by investing personal capital in their funds would be a good thing for ...

DC members mixing TDFs with other assets to their potential detriment: report


While target-date funds are intended to be used as a singular option in capital accumulation plans, many defined contribution plan members use them in conjunction ...

Are subscription credit facilities cash management tools or distortion tools?


Private equity funds’ use of subscription lines of credit has been debated by both researchers and practitioners, specifically because of this form of financing’s impact on internal ...

Higher client expectations is top challenge facing Canadian asset managers: poll


Canadian asset and wealth managers are facing increased expectations from clients, according to a poll by RBC Investor and Treasury Services. Those surveyed identified the rise in ...

How venture capitalists can lose to start-up founders’ quest for ‘beach money’


When the potential acquisition of a start-up is heavily tied to the financial wellbeing of its founder, it can make the business vulnerable to deals ...

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