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Building better target-date fund glide paths  


While many glide paths are based on age, is there a case for adjusting these based on account balance fluctuations or on a plan member’s ...

Party friends, wartime friends and the dynamics of venture capital relationships  


Deeper relationships in the venture capital space actually lead to fewer future co-investments, according to a new working paper out of the Hong Kong Polytechnic ...

Leveraged buyouts increase chance of bankruptcy: research


Leveraged buyouts have a reputation for creating bankruptcy risk for the company being purchased. “With the recent wave of private equity-backed leveraged buyouts that are ending ...

Markets waiting for clarity on macro uncertainty


While there are signals that the global economy is slowing down, it doesn’t appear to be quite at recession levels. “That has major investment implications,” said Alec ...

Key considerations for investors seeking alpha through active strategies


In the age old question of whether passive or active investing is the best course, a new paper from Mercer proposed a simple answer: it ...

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