Analysis & Research

Do foreign institutional investors deter insider trading?


In countries with weak law enforcement, what other market forces can help curb insider trading? A new working paper found the presence of foreign institutional investors ...

How do institutional investors handle risk in a shifting global paradigm?


While institutional investors generally take for granted the overall global system in which they operate, these days they simply don’t have that luxury, said Jonathan Hausman, ...

Interest rising in active/passive hybrid strategies for TDFs


Fee compression is putting pressure on those seeking to launch new target-date funds to be more innovative, prompting managers to consider more customization techniques, according to research ...

What looking back on the history of an index tells investors


Indexes have been around for decades, but what does all of that accumulated data actually tell investors? The Russell 3000 index, which was created in 1984, ...

Rising temperatures, global trade collapse, cybercrime top list of extreme risks for investors: report


 The top three extreme risks for investors to watch are global temperature change, global trade collapse and cyber warfare, according to a new report by Willis ...

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