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Are institutional investors about to dive back into emerging markets?


While emerging markets have been underperforming their developed counterparts over the past decade, this may be about to change. “Basically, everything went wrong in emerging markets ...

How can institutional investors capture South Korea’s next wave of growth?


Looking at South Korea today, it’s hard to believe the country was one of the world’s poorest just a few decades ago. But since the 1960s, ...

Pension risk-taking in a low-interest rate environment


When interest rates are low, how does this influence U.S. public pension plans’ propensity to take risk? In a working paper looking at the period between 2002 ...

What’s next for foreign investment in Vietnam?


Vietnam has been growing at an impressive pace for several years, since it began to liberalize its economy in the mid-1980s. But there are still ...

Racial bias exists when choosing fund managers: study


Fund managers’ race appears to play a role in whether they’re selected by asset allocators, such as pension funds, according to a new report. The report, by Illumen Capital ...

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