Analysis & Research

The who and why of pension de-risking


Like Canadian defined benefit plans, many U.S. plan sponsors are purchasing annuities to get out of the pension business. But why are companies choosing the ...

Has the ESG vs. fiduciary duty debate turned its final corner?


A plethora of overlapping terms can make a conversation about responsible investing something of a minefield. While there are many terms that are used interchangeably, there ...

Capturing the equity price action caused by index rebalancing


Passive investing is immensely popular, with assets in passive funds having cleared US$13 trillion, globally. But can active investors take advantage of the new landscape ...

The benefits of crowdsourcing investment research


There’s a crisis in financial research because of statistical shortfalls, says Marcos López de Prado, a professor of practice at Cornell University’s school of engineering ...

The good, the bad and the uncertain: Passive investing’s impact on financial stability


Does the rise in passive investment strategies have consequences for financial stability? The shift to passive from active appears to be amplifying some risks to financial ...

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