Analysis & Research

Beware of in-house security lending


Active mutual funds that engage in securities lending through in-house lending agents should raise questions for institutional investors. These funds may “reach for lending fees” by ...

The role of liquid alternatives in pension portfolios


Pension funds are diversifying into alternatives in an increasingly challenging environment for returns. But many of the traditional characteristics institutional investors seek to achieve by investing ...

Are U.S. investment advisors getting more contracts by contributing to political campaigns?


Public pension plans rely on the help of  investment advisory firms, but do politics play a role in which firms they choose to work with? A paper ...

Do analysts say ‘buy’ to the public while whispering ‘sell’?


When sell-side stock analysts tell the public to buy, they may in fact be whispering sell to their institutional investor clients, according to a new ...

Why zero-fee funds may not be the best option for investors


In a world where zero-fee funds are rising, how are fund managers making money? And while zero fees sound beneficial for investors, is it ...

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