Analysis & Research

Are hormones impacting investment biases?


New research suggests that hormones play a role in financial decision-making. Specifically, cortisol, a hormone that marks stress, is positively related to the disposition effect, meaning ...

Rebalancing rules bolster long-term performance in market stress


While it may seem counter intuitive to add higher-risk securities to a portfolio during times of severe market stress, doing so can be part of ...

Investment implications of a shifting economic outlook


Canadian institutional investors are operating in a landscape that has changed dramatically since the initial market and policy reactions to the coronavirus pandemic. “A lot has changed ...

Private equity exits slowed drastically in wake of coronavirus


With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to rock the global economy, private equity exits have largely come to a halt since mid-March, according to a ...

Institutional investors in waiting game on real estate investment


Real estate companies, just like many other businesses, are in a bizarre holding pattern, waiting for some of the measures necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic ...

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