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Higher client expectations is top challenge facing Canadian asset managers: poll


Canadian asset and wealth managers are facing increased expectations from clients, according to a poll by RBC Investor and Treasury Services. Those surveyed identified the rise in ...

How venture capitalists can lose to start-up founders’ quest for ‘beach money’


When the potential acquisition of a start-up is heavily tied to the financial wellbeing of its founder, it can make the business vulnerable to deals ...

What institutional investors can learn from a hedge fund’s writing style


It turns out institutional investors can learn a lot about hedge funds by paying attention to their writing style. In fact, when looking at hedge funds’ ...

Challenges and opportunities of investing in Brazil


When investing in Brazil, what considerations should institutional investors keep in mind? And how can the market fit into a pension portfolio? One ...

What could political change in South Africa mean for institutional investors?


South Africa’s economy has been sluggish in recent years, but upcoming changes could provide hope for institutional investors considering opportunities in the country. Its economy has ...

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