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North America still dominates Canadian DB plan alternative allocations


Since standard banks began to shy away from their traditional financing role after the 2008 financial crisis, institutional investors have helped maintain markets by becoming ...

Does ‘algorithm aversion’ exist in financial decision-making?


Do people shy away from using algorithms even when they outperform their human counterparts? Past research, particularly in the field of psychology, shows algorithm aversion exists, ...

What can the U.S. Federal Reserve do about climate change risk?


While other government agencies have the responsibility for preparing for climate change, the Federal Reserve does use its authority and tools to prepare financial institutions ...

Will hedge funds ever fully embrace ESG?


While environmental, social and governance factors are a hot topic in the investment world, hedge funds are falling behind, according to new data from Preqin. Currently, ...

An informed rebalancing process: institutionalizing the knowledge of institutional investors


As pension plan sponsors are well aware, most of a plan’s risk is in its asset allocation. So why don’t more plans spend more time ...

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