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Private capital funds increasingly turning to subscription credit facilities


Private capital funds are increasingly turning to subscription credit facilities, which can have their advantages but also come along with risks, according to new research ...

Fixed income allocations losing ground in growth markets: report


In Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, pension funds are increasing their exposure to equities at the expense of fixed income, according to a ...

More than half institutional investors using smart beta strategies: survey


More than half (58 per cent) of institutional investors surveyed have implemented smart beta strategies, according a recent survey from FTSE Russel. This represents a 10 ...

The difference between ESG factor integration and SRI


There are certain legal differences between socially responsible investing and the integration of environmental, social and governance factors and it’s important to know the difference, ...

How much do early childhood experiences matter?


Do a chief executive officer’s experiences as a child affect their company’s profitability? And do a fund manager’s early childhood experiences influence financial decision-making later ...

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