Analysis & Research

Canadian model offers lessons for U.S. public pensions: report


In the wake of the pandemic-related market volatility that battered already challenged public sector defined benefit plans in the U.S., a recent paper by New ...

CFOs overconfident on market predictions: paper


Chief financial officers may be over-confident when it comes to investment forecasts, even when they’ve been proven wrong in the past, according to a new ...

CPPIB highlights four post-coronavirus habits to impact investment portfolios


Four types of new habits and perspectives are expected to define the post-coronavirus era and could impact investment portfolios, according to new analysis by Thinking Ahead, the ...

How resilient were bond funds in the face of coronavirus?


Market turmoil caused by the coronavirus served as a real-life test for bond funds and their liquidity, according to a new paper from the Bank ...

Where did institutional equity investors turn in coronavirus crash?


During the coronavirus market crash, U.S. stocks with higher institutional ownership experienced worse performance, especially those held by active, short-term and domestic institutions, according to a recent ...

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