Analysis & Research

OCIO models may become more attractive in current market: report


The current market environment may change the way US institutional investors manage their assets going forward. For instance, corporate DB pension plans are expected to increasingly seek ...

If private equity doesn’t perform, is it worth institutional investors’ trouble?


As private equity investments become more commonplace in pension fund portfolios, is the asset class really worth it? According to a paper by Ludovic Phalippou, professor of ...

Is it time for pension plans to do away with absolute return benchmarks in infrastructure?


For years, institutional investors have used absolute return or cash-plus benchmarks to measure infrastructure performance, but it’s time to put these in the past and ...

Should institutional investors be concerned over surge in U.S. corporate bond supply?


The increase in U.S. corporate debt issued in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak could be a warning signal to credit investors, according to a ...

Are activist investors strategically leaking plans to institutional investors?


It appears some institutional investors are aware of activist campaigns before they become public, according to new research. A working paper by three assistant professors of ...

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