Analysis & Research

What do quantitative investors mean for firm efficiency?


The traditional worry about the rise of passive investment is that it will result in less informed asset pricing in the market overall. A new paper digs ...

How a central bank’s policy can impact investments on the other side of the world


How do the European Central Bank’s monetary-policy decisions influence corporate debt levels in the U.S.? The ECB’s purchasing of investment-grade, corporate, Euro-denominated bonds seemingly crowded Eurozone institutional ...

How to beat the crowd in factor investing


Can factor investing continue to give investors an edge if everyone’s doing it? Interest in using factors to invest has been on an upward trend and ...

Is gold really a good hedge for inflation?


Since the mid-1970s, gold prices have increased in periods when investors were concerned about future inflation. Currently, gold prices are near highs comparable to January 1980, ...

How do sovereign bonds differ when it comes to ESG?


Environmental, social and governance factors are highly relevant to fixed income investment outcomes, but integration is complicated by the variety of issuers within the asset ...

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