Analysis & Research

How resilient were bond funds in the face of coronavirus?


Market turmoil caused by the coronavirus served as a real-life test for bond funds and their liquidity, according to a new paper from the Bank ...

Where did institutional equity investors turn in coronavirus crash?


During the coronavirus market crash, U.S. stocks with higher institutional ownership experienced worse performance, especially those held by active, short-term and domestic institutions, according to a recent ...

Is there a sweet spot for risk limits?


Looking at public equity market charts for the year so far, many form a V-shape. In these V-shaped situations of rapid decline followed almost immediately by ...

Yes, Canadian pension plans really do outperform their global peers: study


Canadian pension plans outperform their international peers when it comes to asset performance and liability hedging. According to a new paper from researchers at McGill University and CEM ...

Are hedge fund activists value creators or just good stock pickers?


Hedge fund activism is associated with higher short- and long-term returns, but is this because activists are value creators? Or are they just good stock ...

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