Analysis & Research

How does a rise in passive investing impact corporate governance?


Institutional investors own more than 70 per cent of U.S. public firms and passive funds have seen significant growth, from five per cent of mutual ...

Are speed bumps in financial markets accomplishing their goals?


With the prevalence of high-frequency trading, some financial market exchange platforms have imposed speed bumps to delay trading orders and slow these traders down. “Of course, ...

How institutional investors can unsmooth illiquid returns


As institutional investors increase allocations to alternative investments, it becomes increasingly challenging to understand risk. A new paper, co-authored by Spencer Couts, assistant professor of real ...

Should social security benefits be considered when looking at wealth inequality?


People often discuss the wealth gap between the top one per cent and the rest of the population, but measures of wealth inequality don’t consider ...

Does time of day impact financial market returns?


While many drivers can influence stock market returns, it turns out the time of the day may play an important role. In particular, the four hours ...

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