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Increasing demand for ESG in Fixed Income


Considering environmental, social and governance factors has traditionally been associated with equities, but demand for ESG in fixed income is starting to outstrip the supply ...

Canadian pensions have healthy liquidity despite alternative investments: report


Increasing exposure to less liquid, alternative assets like infrastructure, real estate and private equity hasn’t created difficulty for Canadian pensions in repaying creditors, according to a ...

Do changes in companies’ ESG profiles influence stock prices?


When looking for equity investments, how do changes in a company’s environmental, social and governance profile impact its stock price? This month, MSCI released a report ...

Institutional investors and private credit


Seventy per cent of all private credit committed capital comes from institutional investors, says a recent report, Financing the Economy 2018, released by the Alternative ...

Combining big data and ESG ratings to find alpha


In 2018, there have been over 250,000 unique English articles focused on ESG issues across 8,000 companies according to data from TruValue Labs. But how ...

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