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Big data helps asset management industry across value chain


Across the entire asset management value chain, data is helping traditional managers improve, a new study by McKinsey & Company found. Data can improve investment performance ...

Three blunders of factor investing


While factor investing can be a powerful tool, it may not be living up to its promise because of three common blunders, according to a ...

Board governance and the connection to asset allocation


Well-governed boards have greater international diversification and lower cash holdings, according to a working paper by Carolina Salva and Nadège Bregnard from the University of ...

Hiring sub-advisors abroad and international mutual fund performance, research


Does hiring sub-advisors abroad improve international mutual fund performance? Last Thursday night, a paper seeking to answer this question was awarded the CFA Society Toronto and ...

The role of private credit in the economic cycle


With banks pulling back as suppliers of credit in times of economic downturn, investment funds entering the private credit space can help promote economic resilience ...

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