• What’s behind negative bond yields?
  • Institutional investors urged to take a bottom-up approach to investing in India
  • CPPIB earned 1.1 per cent in most recent quarter, CPP Fund now tops $400 billion
Analysis & Research

Building better target-date fund glide paths  

While many glide paths are based on age, is there a case for adjusting these based on account balance fluctuations or on a plan member’s …

Expert Opinion

What is the biggest risk when it comes to investing in China?  

I am optimistic about China’s medium-term economic prospects, within the context of gradually slower year-over-year growth rates. This optimism is based largely on the continuing …

Conference News

Taking a calculated approach to change at the University of Victoria pension plans

The University of Victoria has two pension plans and although each plan has taken a distinct approach to managing its assets, conducting prudent analysis, considering governance …

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