• Domtar pensions entering into $360 million annuity buyout
  • PSP portfolio company H2Power selling assets to Australian investment manager
  • Fed is likely to reinforce a message of continued low rates
Analysis & Research

Fixing the mismatch between risk management and asset allocation time horizons

Many pension plans use risk systems to test how different scenarios would affect their portfolios.
Traditionally, risk models use thousands of scenarios. The likelihood that these …

Expert Opinion

A Primer on OCIO in the DC world

The term outsourced chief investment officer, or OCIO, describes a service offering or model, where an institutional investor delegates certain decision-making responsibilities to a third-party …

Conference News

Governance was key to turnaround at Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Pension Plan

Like many plans, the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Pension Plan came out of 2008 in rough shape.
So, the government started to discuss what should be …

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