• Canada maintains No. 8 global ranking for retiree well-being: report
  • Canadian pension plans sign new investor statement on diversity and inclusion
  • CPPIB to take 24% stake in global digital, IT company
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Is gold really a good hedge for inflation?

Since the mid-1970s, gold prices have increased in periods when investors were concerned about future inflation.
Currently, gold prices are near highs comparable to January 1980, …

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Four trends to watch in China through the recovery

In China, keeping the novel coronavirus under control is key to maintaining the economic recovery, and there are reasons to be optimistic, despite a breakdown …

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Offering DB benefits for DC members at Halifax Port ILA/HEA pension plan

The Halifax Port ILA/HEA has found a way to provide its defined contribution pension plan members with a defined benefit upon retirement — and it’s …

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